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Account Access

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Locate an ATM Machine without paying a surcharge!

CU-Connect: Internet Account Access
CU-Connect provides a rich interface for viewing account information and performing financial transactions.

How To Access your Account
To access CU-Connect, you will need your account number and personalized PIN code. If you have not established a PIN code for CU-Connect, please call the Credit Union during normal business hours for assistance.

Then follow the link above.

When entering the site for the first time you will be required to change your PIN code. Your new PIN code must be 4 digits using only numbers.

CU-Connect provides easy access to the most common inquiry functions:

Financial Transactions
CU-Connect provides an interface for performing the most common transactions:

Access Your VISA Credit Accounts With EZCardInfo
To access EZCardInfo.com, you need your 16 digit card number, the zip code of your billing address, and the three digit card verification number found on the back of your credit card. Some members have reported that you must enter your information twice to successfully sign-on to the site. If you have attempted to sign-on multiple times, but are still unable to access your account, please inform the Credit Union. EZCardInfo.com provides access to all details of your credit card account:

Debit / ATM Cards

Master Debit Cards
To activate your debit card call 1-888-892-3806.

MasterCard Debit Cards are available if you have a share draft account. Use the debit card like an ATM card to access your funds at an ATM or use it like a credit card.

Just complete an application to get yours. Your pin number will arrive in a plain envelope first. Your card will arrive a few days later in a plain envelope. It only takes a week to 10 days from application.

MasterCard SecureCode
MasterCard Secure Code is a new online security service to guard against unauthorized use of your debit card while shopping online at participating merchants. Once enrolled in this service you’ll have added confidence knowing that MasterCard SecureCode performs an extra authentification step to protect your account from unauthorized online use.

To register your MasterCard Debit Card click the following link:


Be creative when you select a password. Don’t be obvious like using the last four digits of your social security number, phone number, address, birth date, or any format that could easily be decoded by thieves.

ATM Cards

We offer ATM cards to access your savings account funds. Just complete an application. Upon approval your pin will be mailed to you in a plain envelope and the card will arrive a few days later in a plain envelope.

Lost or Stolen Cards
Please report any lost or stolen cards immediately to be blocked.
Call 1-800-528-2273.
Then contact us to have a new card issued to you.

About VISA Credit Cards

VISA Credit Cards

We offer a VISA credit cards at 11.9% with no fees!. To apply for your VISA credit card just complete the VISA application and provide us a copy of a recent pay stub. When approved your VISA card will arrive in a week to ten days.

Secured VISA Card
Secured VISA cards are issued with specific credit limits based on a member’s savings account balance. The funds will be held as long as the VISA account is active. For example, a VISA card with a $500 credit limit would require a $500 balance in the members savings account at all times regardless of the outstanding VISA balance. We offer Secured VISA Cards at 18%.

ScoreCard Bonus Points
Earn ScoreCard bonus points with every purchase you make To see what your ScoreCard points can buy you and to redeem your points go to www.scorecardsrewards.com.

Online Access
You can check your balance and make payments by clicking 'Access Your Credit Card' on the Account Access page.

Lost or Stolen Card
Immediately report your lost or stolen card to have it blocked.
Call 1-800-325-3678. Then contact us to have a new card issued.

If you know your current PIN, call 1-866-297-3408.
If you don’t know your current PIN #, call our main office at 585-546-4279 to have one sent to you, after which you can change it.

Account By Phone



It's Quick! Just pick up a touch-tone telephone.  One call does it all!
It's Convenient! No matter where you are, you can access your accounts, day or night, 7 days a week.
It's Easy! A voice prompt will guide you through the entire process.
It's Confidential! Conduct your transactions from the privacy of your home or office.

With one quick toll-free call you can:

How To Use AnswerPlus

Menu Tree
The menu tree is useful for new or infrequent callers to perform transactions they need. From the main menu, there are three primary branches: Inquiries, Transfers and Withdrawals, and Credit Union Information. Selecting any branch will list the possible transactions available. From any branch or subsequent menu, pressing 0 will generally return you to the previous menu.

Short Cut Keys
Experienced users may find that short cut keys provide a quick and more efficient way to perform transactions. Access to the short cut key menu is available by pressing 0 from the main menu. Once there, access to any transaction is possible by entering the corresponding two character code.

AnswerPlus 1(866)858-9120
Main Menu

Dial 1 Dial 2 Dial 3 Dial 0
Inquiries Transfers / Withdrawals Information Short Cut Keys
1 - Share Balances
2 - Loan Balances
3 - Transaction History
4 - Check Clearing
5 - Tax Info
0 - Main Menu
1 - Share Transfer
2 - Loan Payment
3 - Advance from LOC
4 - Visa Payment
5 - Withdrawal by Check
0 - Main Menu
1 - Office Hours
2 - Loan Rates
3 - Share Rates
4 - Certificate Rates
0 - Main Menu
SB - Share Balances
LB - Loan Balances
TH - Transation History
DC - Check Clearing
TX - Tax Info
ST - Share Transfer
LP - Loan Payment
AC - Advance from LOC
VP - Visa Payment
WC - Withdrawal by Check
CP - Change PIN
* - List Short Cut Keys
0 - Main Menu

Entering Currency
Currency is entered by using the star (*) key as the decimal. For instance, if you wish to enter $275.30, you would enter 275*30 on your touch tone phone.

Confirming Transactions
In general, the # key is used to confirm a transaction, and the * key to cancel.

Electronic Bill Payment

Our Bill Pay system is now part of your On-Line Banking account, accessible from the HOME page.

This new integrated Bill Pay and POP Money system provide the ability to pay bills, transfer, send or receive money from your credit union accounts to another person or to any one of your accounts at another financial institution.

ATTENTION MEMBERS WITH MOBILE DEVICES. Your credit union now has a branded APP you can download from APP Store or Google Play store (by searching for ROCHESTER & MONROE). It’s free, works with all mobile devices and offers an Instant Balance option for quick account balances.

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